Sunday, March 29, 2009

3-29-09 pt-2

Okay, that's better. I went out a did a 6 mile trail run (1:14:??). I was supprsed that I didn't see any wildlife on the trail. I saw lots of tracks, but nothing moving.

I kind of got a little paranoid feeling during one part of the run. I was bouncing along and I saw a huge patch of green through the trees. I went off the trail to investigate, and I found myself in a circular clearing about 20 to 30 yards across with no trees and fresh, soft, vibrant grass. the ground was soft from the rain, and it was like stepping into something out of Lord of the Rings. I'd been moving through drear and burnt ground with dead tree stumps, and pine straw. Then out of nowhere, I'm standing in an pristine area that was OBVIOUSLY meant for something - it was a piece of ground with a purpose. I immediately marked the spot on my GPS so I could find it again if I wanted to do so. There were a few saplings that had been planted and were supported by string and stakes. The clearing had two defined entrances about 12 feet wide that were layered with grass as well. I decided to continue my run through one of the entrances to see where this new discovery would lead me. I'd been running along for just a few minutes and I saw another clearing. I bypassed that on because I didn't see an exitway. Then, another clearing - this was getting odd. Remember, I thought this was a piece of ground with a purpose - then I saw it. At the end of the most recent lush, green opening - a deer stand. This was hunting ground. It didn't add up - I had started this run in the R. Shaefer Heard Corps of Engineers park - state property. You can't hunt here, but someone had put much effort into making this place. Finally, it hit me. I had to go off the trail to get to the first green patch, and I had to 4x4 it for a while - I'm sure there was probably a line I crossed. After I realized that I was treaspassing on hunting land, I made a pretty hasty backtrack to get back over the line - hoping nobody was out looking for a quick kill - hunters tend to get upset when they find you pounding around their hunting ground.

After I got legal again, I did a total of 6 miles. I never did get any rain, but it was still cool enough that this made for a nice run.

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