Tuesday, July 17, 2007

7-17-07 Hot, Hot, Hot and rushed

This qualifies as a bad run night for me. I was scheduled to run 4 miles (which was supposed to be good, since we had plans at the church @ 7pm). I knew I'd have to rush home, change, and head to the dam with Steph. But Murphy intervened - I got called into a conference call @ 5 (which, luckily went quickly), and got home about 30 minutes late. Trying to run and shower and be someplace before 7 was going to be tough (especially since we don't usually run until after 7). We got to the park about 5:40, and it was still blazing...very little shade, almost no breeze, and the dam was not generating (e.g. - no mist in the air).

Steph said she had to run 28 minutes (+ 1o minutes for warm up and cool down) for 38 minutes of total time. I reasoned that I could do 4 miles @ 10 minute/mile pace, and we'd be finished at the same time, then we'd stretch and go home. The heat was BRUTAL!!! I did the first mile @ 9:50, the second @ 9:55, the third @ 9:50, and I used up all I had - I couldn't finish the 4th mile in the heat - it was killing me. I elected to walk the last half mile, and not die of a heat stroke. This, of course, threw the schedule more out of whack.

In short, I had to cut short (WHICH I HATE WITH A PASSION). I console myself with the fact that I've gone a little longer than planned on several of my recent runs. I get to go for 8 miles on Saturday - looking forward to that, but still trying to decide where to run it.

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