Tuesday, August 07, 2007

8-6-07 New Record!

(Posted on Tuesday morning)

Last night and tonight, I was (and am) scheduled for 4 miles. Since Steph has been trying to make 4 miles without stopping, I asked if she wanted to run together last night - she did and we set off on our run at about 8pm (again - dodging the heat). When we got to the dam, the sheriff had already closed the gates across the dam, but we started off anyway. It wasn't cool, but it wasn't hot either - very comfortable, but with no breeze at all. The water on the high side of the dam was like glass. It was a very enjoyable run, and we talked a lot while we ran. We saw no other runner/walkers/bikers, but several cars, and a few deer in the shadows in the wood line. The humidity was a little high, but not unbearable.

The big event of the run was Steph. We took the run nice and slowly, and had planned on running 4 miles - she made the whole 4 miles without having to stop and walk. In fact, she even wanted to go further. We eventually did a total of 4.5 - she wanted to run farther, but I suggested we stop so she didn't over-run herself in her euphoria. I was extremely proud of her, and she was bubbly (more so than usual) for the rest of the night. By the time we finished it was pretty dark, but it was still a very fun run. She kept commenting on how it was her best run ever.

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