Wednesday, August 08, 2007

8-7-07 Run w/Steph

Steph and I ran together again last night. I was scheduled for 4 miles, so we did the same distance. She says she wants to maintain a 4 mile distance, so on my 4 mile days its nice to run with her.

We got started about 6:30, so it was still pretty hot, but the sun had gone down a little and we weren't running in direct sunlight. There was no breeze on the water, and the bugs were pretty mild. We didn't do any extra distance because of the heat. I carried a half frozen water bottle on the run, and by the time we got to the 2 mile turnaround, it was melted and already starting to warm up, but it was still cool. We took a brief stop to drink and wet our bandannas and continued onward. We were probably stopped less than a minute.

The heat was pretty high, but still a good run. It was interesting to note the sweat levels. We ran the same distance in the same time, in the same heat, on the same course. When we finished, she had a small sweat ring around her neck and arms, but I was drenched - neck hole, arms of my t-shirt, front of my shirt, and back of my shoulders.

Rest on Wednesday, the we run together again on Thursday, and it looks like me might run in the morning on Friday and Saturday - still working all that out.

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