Wednesday, November 28, 2007

10-26-07 Monday Weight room

I did pretty good over the holiday with my eating - still below 150 lbs, so no big damage done, but I also haven't worked out at all since Wed (11-21) - unless you count braving the crowds on Black Friday.

I lifted weights Monday night - good workout with lots of ab work:
60 hanging leg crunches (alternating side lifts to work obliques)
60 incline situps (going elbow to opposite knee)
20 SLOW crunches on the floor
25 puchups (quickly)
Bench press (3x10)
Tricep presses (3x10)
Lat pulls (3x10)
Incline bench (3x10)
Overhead press (3x10)
Curls (3x10)

This Saturday is supposed to be my run day, but I may bump that up to Thursday. I haven't done any leg work (except one day) besides my swims since my last doctors appt. and the lack of running is still irritating me. If I run on Thursday, I'll keep it short - 2 miles or less, and I may do it at the track in Valley.

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