Saturday, June 30, 2007

C25K W10d4 (6-29-07)

Late post due to storms and internet connection problems. My ADSL2+ modem got fried in the storms last night.

Friday - We were going to wait until 7pm to run tonight (because of the heat), but it rained about 5pm and knocked out the power to most of the city, so we ran some errands and headed on to the dam at about 6.

I ran the scheduled 6 miles, but this time I started at the 'Start' line (what a novel idea), so that I would have to loop twice to get up to 6 miles - just one out-an-back circuit. I was curious about starting at the "S" because it would let me run for a full 1.25 miles on flat ground - no big hill at .75 miles. I was interested to know how this would affect my running on the first big hill. I did feel everything kind of fall into place just past the 1 mile mark (which is just as I get onto the dam), and I was pretty well warmed up a quarter mile later when I faced the hill. It was still tough, but I was in sync, so I didn't feel like a amputee penguin running up the hill. The rest of the run was pretty uneventful. I've noticed that since my endurance is picking up a little that I tend to stretch my stride a little more on the downhills, whereas in the past, I just tried to maintain a steady pace. I'm finding myself pushing more at the end of my runs, and I wonder if that means that I'm not pacing fast enough throughout the rest of the run. I don't intend (at this moment) to start any speed workouts until I've had my weekly mileage @ 25-30 for a month or so. I'll let my time at the Midnight Express develop on it's own, and that will be a goal to beat for next year.

Steph is up to full 20 minute runs (no walking) on her C25K program, and she's still enjoying it.

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