Tuesday, March 04, 2008

3-4-08 (13 of 92) Swim/Bike


I did 29 minutes on the stationary bike in my new Desoto Tri shorts. They did offer some padding, but I kept slidding around in the saddle a lot. I wore a pair of shorts over them since they are kind of like spandex, and I didn't figure anyone in the gym wanted to see that. However, two layers of slick material on a plastic seat is recipe for a lot of sliding. I worked pretty hard on the bike to get up to 9 miles before my 29 minutes was up.

I also did dailies before I got on the bike, so I already had a sweat going, but it was pouring off of me by the time I finished the ride.

I showered off some of the sweat and hit the pool for 14 minutes. When got in the water, I realized the these new shorts hold NO heat at all. It felt like I was swimming nude. I guess it will just take some getting used to.

On Thursday , I'll try the other pair (ironmans).

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