Monday, April 14, 2008

4-11-08 (46 of 92) Run w/Steph R2T

I ran with Steph at the Rails2Trails tonight. She wanted to do a 5K distance run, so we didn't set any time goals, just ran as fast as we wanted. We ended up finishing the 5K in 27:24. I've got to be more mindful of her running. I was just running to do some distance, but I didn't factor in that my relaxed pace is not so relaxed to her. She still hung with me through the distance, but she said she was still going kind of hard to keep up.

She's still wanting to know how to go faster, but I don't want her to over-train an injure herself like I did. I've advised her to just work on stretching out go faster, you must go longer and slower.

I'm glad she's still enjoying the runs.

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