Tuesday, May 29, 2007

C25K W6d1

This is the maiden blog post, so I'll go back to yesterday for a start. I am currently in week 6 of the Couch-to-5K program found on the Columbus Track Club Wesite. The program can be found here.

Yesterday, I ran at the dam and started my route at the 1.5 marker. I ran 2 miles (per my shedule), and went from the 1.5mi marker towards the West Point Entrance to the Park and did a 1 mile turnaround. The incline on the return trip is a BEAR!!!!. It was much harder coming back than I expected it to be.

This is supposed to be a week of cutting back a little bit, per the C25K program, so I'll only be doing 2 miles a day this week.

Steph is trying to get the C25K thing going as well, so I'll also run with her tonight (she's on W1D2) so I can help her set her pace a little better.

Post Run: - I did some stretching on the parking lot after my run, and took a couple of ibuprofen when I got home. My left knee felt pretty good during the run (no pain), but my quads where a little sore. I probably need to be stretching them a little better. I should have iced my knees and shins a little when we got home, but we wound up doing a lot of other things while we where out, and I got sidetracked.

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