Saturday, June 02, 2007

C25K W6d5

I just got back from my run. Today, Steph and I ran separately. She ran with the C25K podcast and says it went very well - - much better than W1d1.

I did 2 miles (as scheduled), starting at the .5 mile marker at the dam and doing the turn at 1.5. That uphill between 1.25 and 1.5 markers is a real attention getter - the course is so flat from Start to 1.25 markers, but gets a little more interesting after that. Oh well, a few hills are probably good for my training. We ran at about 10:30 this morning, instead of the usual 6pm. It was a LOT cooler, but didn't quite feel right - I guess I'm a glutton for dehydration. There was a lot more traffic this morning as well, mostly grandparents with the kids for the day. The traffic wasn't bad though, no speeders doing time trials on the roadway.

My left knee is still nagging me. It mostly cleared up with a quarter of a mile, and EVERYTHING loosened up after my turn, so the last mile was really fun. Just wish everything would sync up sooner. I just read a post about that very thing on the discussion forum, and apparently it's not uncommon to take a mile or more for all the body to get the message and relax into the pace. I'll continue to ice my knee tonight. I think I need to get back on an aggressive icing schedule again (20 minutes every 2 hours).

According to the 'program', I am now ready to run a 5K race - it feels like it, too. Next week is going to be several 3 mile days - I'm looking forward to those. I get to the point at about 1.25 miles that I just want to run all day, so I'll get to stretch my distance over the next few weeks. I need to start working on a post-Week 10 training schedule that will not over-stress my body before the Beulah race and the Midnight Express.

Next week looks like this:
Day 1: 3 miles (monday)
Day 2: 2.5 miles (tuesday)
Day 3: 3 miles (thursday)
Day 4: 2.75 miles (friday)
Day 5: 3 miles (saturday)

If I feel pretty good, I may add a little to Saturday's route, maybe 3.5, instead.

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