Friday, June 01, 2007

C25K W6d4

I just got back from my 2 mile run. I'll be running with Steph later this afternoon - I wanted to do my run first and see if it felt any better than running my route immediately after she and I ran her routine. I ran the standard route over the top of the dam. I started @ the .5 mile mark, and did the turn @ the 1.5 mile mark (2 mile total). I think the program has me doing 2.75 miles next week

I hadn't had any pain prior to the run, but during my warmup walk, I felt a little discomfort in the area on the back of my left knee, towards the outer area - it got a little more consistent as I started running, but subsided a lot within a 1/4 mile. After I ran, I stretched for a good long time, realized that I hadn't been doing my calve stretches for the last few days. I wonder if that contributed to my knee discomfort. It felt more like a soreness, rather than soft tissue damage, or a sharp shooting pain. I'm icing it right now, and have taken 400mg of Ibuprofen.

It was pretty warm and humid out there today (86*, Humidity @ 45%), so I did a lot of sweating.

  • I don't know what happened with the color of the text on the post yesterday, I never could get it all the same color. I wonder if it had anything to do with the insertion of the graphic?

Steph and I just got back from our run. We did 4 cycles of 60 sec run/90 second walk, which was a little over a mile, I think. It was very breezy - I wish it had been that breezy on my first run today! Also, the sun had eased up a bit, so it wasn't nearly as hot. My knee didn't bother me at all on this run, but we still took some time to stretch really well after the run. We went down near the water and enjoyed the breeze and the view while we stretched. I need to take the camera and post some pics of the running route.

I'll probably ice my knee again tonight and take some ibuprofen just to be safe.

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