Thursday, June 21, 2007

C25K W9d3 - Feels like I'm back again

Whew! - It's a big relief to get today's run behind me. I've been languishing for the last few days because the of the Relay-4-Life walk, and my bad run day on Monday, and working late - - the schedule has just been uncooperative. Tonight I was scheduled to run 5 miles, and I was a little nervous about it since it would be my longest run since I was in high school. Also I was worried that the bad week would continue. I was contemplating whether or not to repeat week 9 of the program since the timing had been so screwed up. I did the run, and all went well. I did not push for a lot of speed (still not wearing my watch - intentionally), but I did enjoy the run. I started at the .5 mile marker and ran to the far end of the park. I'm not 100% sure where the turn around is at the far end of the park (the West Point end) since it's not marked on the ground (that I've noticed), but I had a general idea of where it should be - based on bike rides and Google maps distance tools. Once I got to where the turn-around might be, I just decided to run on the West Point Entrance of the park and turn around there. Total distance (per Gmaps Pedometer) was 5.6 miles, so I even managed a little over my goal mileage (not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but it felt like a good thing).

Here's the Gmap of the route.
I did an elevation graph of the run that kind of shocked me. I didn't realize the hills were that bad around the dam.

Nothing hurts, and I stretched pretty well after the run, so I feel pretty good about the ordeal. It did take a long time to run tonight, though - my daughter even called looking for me and Steph since we were taking so long.

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