Sunday, August 26, 2007

8-25-07 Race Day Morning!

It's here. This is the day I've been targeting for 8 months. I've stared at it circled on my calendar at work. I've used it as explanation for why I have to eat a certain way. I've come to love my albatross (kudos to those of you that get the reference). Tonight I'll cut it free.

Steph and I got up this morning and ran a short one - 2 miles, mainly so I could stretch my legs a little. I've been pretty careful about what I've eaten for the last few days - lots of Subway.

I'm not nervous, just ready - I'm still eyeing a 25 minute race.

We're going to the church building for a while this morning, and then to my mother's house for th evening and then on to the race.

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