Friday, November 02, 2007

11-2-07 1st Re-run

Well, this was a less than auspicious workout day. To tell the truth, I'm still a little put out over the whole ordeal - my wife has had to put up with me in a semi-foul mood most of the night.

I was released from my self imposed restriction today (see Clif notes below)

  • 6 mile run one night
  • stepped off paved trail
  • twisted my right knee
  • ran on twisted knee for nearly 2 miles back to car
  • regretted everything up to this point
  • tried to run on my hurt knee a few days later - couldn't complete 2 miles
  • grounded myself until 11-1 to give my knee time to recover
  • augmented my training routine with swimming, no-impact cardio machines, and weight lifting (want to continue to improve without banging my knee around)
  • waited (semi-)patiently for 11-1
I went out today with 4 miles on my mind. I warmed up with a 5 minute walk. The weather was GREAT: cool, little breeze, little sunshine, early enough not to be running after dark - the perfect running storm (to steal a phrase).

The 1st mile went pretty quickly. I wasn't running hard, but I did set a comfortable pace. As soon as I took my 1st stride, I felt my knee, but it was a very very small blunt sensation. I pressed onward, and the pain gradually increased. At 1.25 miles, I stopped for a moment because the pain sharply increased and MADE me stop. I stretched all the muscles around the knee, and the pain stopped. I trotted on, and the pain lessened greatly - never going away completely, but becoming tolerable. Just before the 2 mile turnaround, it hit again - I pushed on to the 2 mile mark, and stopped to stretch again. I continued with the same less (and tolerable) pain. It hurt much less as I went up hills, but on the return trip I encountered the big downhill. If uphills feel good, guess how downhills feel? By the time I got to the bottom, it hurt pretty bad, but as the ground leveled, so did the pain. I pushed on (barely more than a mile to go) - I was getting upset over the whole ordeal. I pushed on until .75 miles from the end, then I started to get a cramp in my hamstring, that was OBVIOUSLY related to my knee pulling funny, and my dis-jointed stride. I tried the stretch trick again, but it quit working.

I walked back to the car - hating every step that I had to walk. I'll make an appointment with my doctor on Monday. Time for some active repair and medical advice - I don't want to be a runner who can't run.

I bought a knee brace at Wal-Mart tonight to keep some pressure on my knee. I'll continue to R.I.C.E until the doc can see me.

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