Thursday, February 21, 2008

2-21-08 Bike/Swim/B-day (workout 3 of 92)

Today is my B-day and I expected a great workout. Unfortunately, last night around 11:30, my B-day got ruined by a burst water pipe in my laundry room. I spent the day working on that. As a result of my botched day, I didn't eat right - - always leads to a less than stellar workout. I went to the pool and swam for 16 minutes (did 30 laps in that time). The I got on the stationary bike. I was supposed to bike for 36 minutes, but the seat on the bike was VERY uncomfortble, and I simply ran out of energy (remember - bad eating). I stopped 15 minutes short of my time. I rested for a few minutes then did my dailies - push ups, sit ups, pull ups, supermans, and dips).

Tomorrow is a run day - should be better.

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