Saturday, February 23, 2008

2-23-08 Bike/Swim - Workout 5 of 92

I'm still recovering from a bad dietary experience - but today was MUCH better. While talking with Steph at lunch, she asked if I was going to swim then bike, or bike then swim. I'd intended to swim first (mostly out of habit), but then I realized I wouldn't be contending with the swim team for lane space today, so I decided to bike, then swim. Biking first would more closely simulate what I'd encounter in the race, anyway. I loved it. The pool felt very refreshing after all the saddle time.

The schedule called for 20 minutes of swimming, and 44 minutes of pedaling. I did the seat time first.

I covered 14.25 miles on the bike in 44 minutes - I figured this is somewhat skewed. I think most stationaries/ellipticals/treadmills overestimate distances a little.

Then I rinsed off in the shower quickly, so I didn't get in the pool all sweaty (ick). I set my watch for 20 minutes, but I didn't hear the alarm go off - I estimate that I was at about 30-35 laps when time expired. When I checked my watch and saw I was done with my time, I just rounded up to 40 laps.

I also did a quick set of push ups and sit ups before I got on the bike.

My stomach was still a little queasy, but it was better than it had been in a while.

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