Monday, February 18, 2008

2-18-08 Monday

Ran today - just needed something to do before scheduled training starts tomorrow.

Did 4 miles at the Rails2Trails. 4 miles in 36:53 = avg 6.5 mph

I tried REALLY had to take it very slowly on the 1st mile, then pick up the pace for #2, and pick up a little more on #3 and #4:

Mile 1 = 10:54 ... avg 5.5 mph
Mile 2 = 9:30 ... avg 6.3 mph
Mile 3 = 8:31 ... avg 7.0 mph
Mile 4 = 7:52 ... avg 7.6 mph

That last mile felt like I was really pumping pretty hard at times.

I read an article on the importance of negative splits, so I may try to incorporate that into my runs more.

Tomorrow I bike and swim. The more I look at the schedule, the more it looks like it's paced too slowly, but I have to force myself to trust those with more experience than me, and not let my ego get in the way.

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