Thursday, March 27, 2008

3-25-08 SwiB (31 of 92)

)Kinda goofed up my scheduled workout today, but not too badly.

I was supposed to do a 16/28 SwiB workout, but I did a 23/35 SwiB - don't know how I got the numbers that mixed up, but I did. Usually, what I do is set my timer on my watch for each section (e.g. - 16:28 for a 16/28 SwiB), but I didn't do it this time. Add insult to injury, my watch band broke almost as soon as I hit the pool, so I swam counted laps instead of time (46 laps). I also had to take a few rest breaks @ 10 and 20 laps- still got to work on my breathing.

I didn't use any gels because I want to get my body used to using what fuel it has (fat cells), and I really just wanted to make sure that the gels wouldn't make me sick. I'm going to try a few more kinds (different brand) to see if I like them better, but I'll probably only use them in training for longer workouts 1.5+ hrs.

The bike portion was pretty uneventful. I'm currently looking for a new bike ( or at least new to me). I've been watching the want ads, and few internet resources, because I want to get a decent bike that can be used for racing (something lighter than the mountain bike I'm using now). I could buy a road bike I saw at wal-mart, but after some research, I think I may be able to get a decent used bike of much better quality with a little searching.

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