Tuesday, June 12, 2007

C25K W8d1

Last night was hectic, so I didn't get to post this right after my run (like I prefer to do). The weather was much more tolerable yesterday evening than it was on Saturday morning (how could it be much worse?). I ran the scheduled 3 miles again, on the same route (starting @ .5 mile marker and turning around @ 2 mile marker). The temperature was a little better, but it was about 6pm, so there was shade in places along the route. There was also a slight breeze at the beginning of the run, but it faded as I got closer to the end - almost no breeze for the last 3/4 mile. I did make sure I was well hydrated for this run, so that wasn't an issue. I also took 2 bottles of Gatorade for me and Steph, and we still drained both bottles - but it wasn't as life-and-death as Saturday. I told Steph, I may need to start pre-driving the route and stashing bottles of water/Gatorade in the bushes at 1 mile intervals, once my daily mileage gets a little higher.

I also forgot to take my watch with me, which threw me off a little. I'm not concerning myself with my time too much at this stage, but it's nice to have an idea of the pace that I'm running. Since I didn't have my watch, I dont' have any real idea of how long it took to run the 3 miles last night - but I imagine that it was still about a 10 minute mile pace. I may try running without my watch for the remainder of the program to see if it will help me slow down and go a little easier on myself for the last 3 weeks, since the runs will be getting longer.

I'm looking forward to getting back into the normal routine, and not having to run on an unfamiliar route like last week.

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