Saturday, February 16, 2008

2-16-08 Bike/Run

Bike 9.84 mi @54:10 avg speed = 10.9mph
Run 4.01 mi @38:53 avg speed = 6.2 mph

The best laid plans of mice and men....

My official scheduled training starts next Tuesday, so I'm still kind of in free fall, so to speak. I had planned on biking 9.5 miles (from the house to the Sportsplex), then swimming 20 or 25 laps (with flip turns), then biking back home - 19 total bike miles. But...

I got up planning on eating a couple of slices of peanut buttered toast, but no bread in the house. So I ate about anything I thought would fuel,what was supposed to be, a long session: an apple, some peanut butter, a glass of milk, a little OJ. I hit the road, and took it slow and easy as much as I could (still seeing a long session ahead of myself). Traffic was impolite in places, but nothing too scary. However, right about mile 7, I passed a yard with 2 Rottweillers in the yard. The dogs didn't see me until I was already past the yard, and they barked a few times, but seemed uninterested in giving chase - lucky for me. My mind started running through how I should handle this on the ride back. I knew I'd be passing my church's survival expert, so I planned on calling him to borrow a can of mace/pepper spray for the return trip. Then I reasoned that I could stop at the hardware store on the way back and see if they had some repellent. I decided to call Mr. Survival when I got to the gym, if he wasn't home, then I'd stop at the hardware store on the way back. If they couldn't help me, I'd call Steph to come pick me up.

When I got to the gym, I shed all my equipment and parked my bike. I checked in headed for the pool - closed. It was 10 am, this is when I learned that the pool opens at 1pm on Saturday. I called Steph and asked for a rescue. I decided to just do upper body work/push ups/pull ups/sit ups/etc. Then I'd just cancel the 2nd ride. Steph still hadn't run when I called her, and wanted to know if I felt like running with her after she got done with some commitments at the house - I agreed and asked her to bring my running shoes with her.

When she got to the gym, I'd already done my weight room work, had snack, and stretched out on a brick wall and was almost asleep. I love sunny days. We took to the roads and did another 4 miles. The last mile was REALLY fun for me - I hit my stride and just kept speeding up. We typically run @ 6mph (10 min/mile), but towards the end, I checked the GPS and I was doing 9 mph and climbing. I was worn pretty thin when we finished, but I recovered pretty quickly.

Even though I didn't get to do the workout I planned on doing, it was still a good workout.

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